Are your teams part of your resort’s story?

Your resort has colors, patterns, and textures as part of your décor and setting.

Your brand has fonts, colors, taglines, and slogans established.

You’ve set the stage for the experience you want your guests to have.

But what about your people? What about your dress code?

Are your teams part of your resort’s story?

Does the style embodied by your teams tell the story and augment the experience you’ve created for your guests?

Have you forgotten about the importance of precise styling and uniform selection?

Style is the subtle but powerful way to firmly convey the messages you want your guests to receive, the experience you want to create for them, and truly tell a story as guests progress through your resort.

If your property is not utilizing style as part of your setting and space, you’re missing out on an opportunity to create a living production at your resort. Truly setting the stage for the performance you’re inviting your guests to experience.

Three ways to use your hospitality team style to enhance your guest experience include…

  1. Color – Color is key. Your brand colors influence how guests perceive the team members they interact with, indicate how professional, serious, whimsical, playful, reserved, calming, etc. your property is meant to be interpreted. Think of a gray sheath dress vs. a bold red dress.
  2. Patterns and Textures – Whether you include patterns or textures in your dress code takes this to the next level further enhancing the vibe you want to evoke. Certain textures can convey a sense richness, luxury, softness, or a sense of relaxation etc. Patterns can also be used to augment the senses. Various patterns can create a sense of friendliness, welcome, whimsy, tradition, and more depending on the patterns. Think linen tunic vs. chunky cable knit sweater.
  3. Style of clothing – is your brand modern, clean and fresh or is it whimsical, playful and spirited or is your brand classic and traditional? Does the style of your teams emulate or reflect that? Or do you allow anything to go with the dress code as long as it’s business casual? Think of a formal black-tie tuxedo vs. a seer sucker suit.

These inherent parts of clothes can do so much for your brand and emphasize the experience you want for your guests and enhance your décor and setting by bringing it to life.

If you’re not using style to your advantage, you’re ignoring a key piece of the guest experience.

Is it time to bring your resort vision to life? Do you even address color, textures and patterns in your dress code for your uniform and non-uniform teams? If not, it’s time for a change.

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