Travel style tips – pack light for a destination beach wedding

When it comes to packing for destination weddings, you may feel overwhelmed because there are more special events planned.

You don’t need to take three different dresses or pack all the shoes. You need one go-to dress and one pair of special occasion shoes that will work with what you pack for the various events – rehearsal dinner, wedding, etc. If you don’t have the need for a special occasion dress in your wardrobe, consider options such as Rent the Runway.

I’m sharing ideas for outfits and how to pack for a destination wedding weekend getaway using one bag (a carry on size bag) without having to buy a new wardrobe. You probably have everything you need in your closet, you just need to look at it differently. Get ready to shop your closet.

Travel Style Tips – How to pack for a destination wedding at the beach (assuming you’re the guest)

How to pack for a beach wedding in Mexico  – the process:

  • Know how you travel and what you will be doing each day. When it comes to a wedding weekend, there can be extra events such as rehearsal dinners, group meals, excursions and more. If you haven’t heard from the hosts, email and find out what events are open to all the guests (if you’re not in the wedding party). When streamlining what you pack for travel, it pays to know what you’ll be doing each day.
  • Check the weather. I wrote this post for a late January wedding in Cabo – it was cooler than I expected it to be but I also knew that with sun and the beach, I would be OK with dressing like it was spring where I live (and I was right). Check the weather before you go. I tend to check about 3 days before packing and again the day before for any drastic changes.
  • Start with the shoes. I always do this even for a trip without a lot of walking. This is because shoes are heavy, bulky and take up valuable space in our luggage. So still start with the shoes. Why? Because when you start with the shoes, it automatically limits and refines what you will take with you. The shoes will dictate the style and color of the clothing you pack. You don’t want your entire closet to be available for packing. You have to narrow down the selection somehow. Start with the shoes. Also, when you start with the shoes, it helps limit the color palette. *Very important for weddings – designate your “special occasion shoes” and make sure the various outfits work with them. You do not want to have a specific pair of shoes for each wedding event planned.

Here’s a packing list to help …

I was really pleased with this because I was able to reuse my jeans and silk jacket on both travel days – I just changed the shirt. I also was happy I took lounging clothes because the resort we stayed at had yoga every morning, so I was able to use my casual t-shirt and shorts for that.

See how these pieces go together and how to create outfits with what I packed:


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