Dressing well does not mean dressing up

You don’t need a red carpet worthy dress or tux to dress well in your personal style.

Dressing well is not the same as dressing up.

You can still dress well in your casual clothes.

How do you do this?

You honor the basics of flattering style – flattering fit, silhouette and proportion.

These are universal rules of great personal style that apply to your clothes no matter how casual or fancy they are – no matter what you do, and what you body looks like …

You can look dumpy, frumpy and lumpy in cocktail party attire just as much as you can in a t-shirt and jeans if they fit you poorly, create an unflattering silhouette and work against your proportions.

Instead you’ve told yourself that because your casual clothes are just casual, it doesn’t matter how they look on you let alone if they even flatter you.

It’s not the type of clothing that dictates the success of the outfit. You don’t wait for your clothes to flatter you only when they’re for a fancy or special event.

You’re dismissing your casual clothes because they’re not expensive, because you’re working from home (or no one is at the office) and quite frankly you don’t know what to do to change this.

First step in changing this paradigm is having self-respect. Understanding that you matter. It doesn’t matter who (or if anyone) will see you in an outfit because you can’t waste an outfit on yourself. You are enough of a reason to wear clothes that flatter you and make you feel fabulous.

Second – set the intention. You have a choice and you can choose differently. You can choose to dress well for yourself. That you feel more powerful when you have a style that is effortless and iconic.  That unique, distinctive self-expression is not optional for you. 

Third – you don’t have to do this alone. If you’re longing to look fabulous in your casual clothes, actually want to be excited about getting dressed each day (even if it’s “just” working from home) and want to have your iconic, personal style in place, I can help you get there.

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