Your boundaries are blurred and it’s affecting your life

When it comes to working from home – you’re letting the location and not the situation dictate how you show up and dress.

The situation is the same – work – it’s just the location has changed. And you’re probably not dressing for work.

And this has implications well beyond what you think.

Your boundaries are blurred, and it’s affecting your life.

If your work from home days look like just getting by because you’re booked with meetings from the time you wake up until well past 5 pm, it’s because you’re not setting boundaries.

When you don’t set boundaries on your time, your sleep is affected, your stress goes up, you never get a break and you justify pajamas as your uniform instead of dressing for work.

And when you do that your self-esteem plummets, your productivity declines, and you wonder WTF happened.

I know because I’ve been there and done ALL of this.​

Working from home is insidious because what happens is everyone knows that everyone is home. There’s no commute, there’s no set break time, or lunch time. The start and end of the day becomes very blurred because you’re still at home!! No need to rush home to pick up the kids or make dinner.

Want to know how to start and end your day? Want to know how to be present at work and then turn it off?

It starts by getting dressed.

If your standard is that you won’t take a call unless you’ve showered, brushed your teeth and gotten dressed for work, then you won’t allow a call at 6:30 am. If your standard is that you won’t take a call in your comfy clothes then your day will end when it normally would at the office.

When you don’t set your boundaries on your time then your standards for how you show up slip. And you let work become all encompassing – what used to be 8-5 becomes 6:30 am to 6 pm.

​I doubt you’re getting paid for that extra time.

Don’t let work from home ruin your life. Set your boundaries and set your standards.

What standards and boundaries will you set for yourself ?

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