Four months to her dream career, after designing her signature personal style.

Four months to her dream career in the middle of a global pandemic, after designing her signature personal style.

Let me introduce you to Skylar and Levi.

Levi, Skylar’s boyfriend, connected with me to give my services as a gift to Skylar. He came to me wanting to give her a gift of increased confidence.

He knew Skylar wanted a new job and her lack of confidence meant the interviews she had, never panned out, which made no sense considering her qualifications. 

Skylar mentioned that her confidence was fragile due to never knowing how to dress. 

She shared with me – “I’ve been having a hard time finding a job and I keep wondering if the way I dress for interviews is a reason people don’t hire me. I always think I look nice, but then I never seem to match the people around me (I’m either way over-dressed or too girly or something.)”

She thought, as many do,  the main reason her style wasn’t coming together and clothes weren’t working for her was her body type. She was very self-conscious about her mid-section, bust, and height. She struggled to consistently find clothes that fit her, blamed her body for her style problems. She did not think she would feel good in the clothes she was wearing and be happy with how they looked on her body. 

She even had had a relative point out her weight gain when she was wearing a certain item of clothing. And she shared that the reason she thought she was not achieving the style she wanted was due to her “strong aversion to exercise and deep love of food.”

Umm… that sucks?! 

Turns out great style has nothing to do with your body, your love of food, your aversion to exercise, your height or your perceived problem areas.

What does it have to do with? 

Having a vision for yourself and what you believe is possible. 

What Skylar got from working with me was not just personal shopping or finding clothes. I not only created and held the vision of what’s possible for her, I helped free her from her self-limiting belief system. 

In my work with my clients I lead my clients out of their comfort zone so they change what they wear but do it in a way that is authentic to them. They’re excited looking in the mirror wearing clothes they’ve always had but seeing an outfit they never even thought of. They experience self-love when they stop thinking something is wrong with them. They realize that shopping can be painless and fun.

As Skylar shared – “Style isn’t “just clothes.” It’s about self-expression, commanding how others perceive you, and living your best life.” 

Skylar wanted to express all sides of her personality. She didn’t want to spend hours trying clothes on in the store. She wanted to be comfortable, she wanted to present her “inner eclectic self to the world.” 

Her story was about no longer hiding and becoming visible. 

Fast forward to our time together. Skylar had intuition, passion and creativity. She knew what she liked. She just didn’t know how to pull it all together.

But she also had serious self-doubt, second guessing herself and she was holding onto clothes that were too old, needed repairs, no longer worked for her, didn’t even fit, and she didn’t even feel like dressing up for her day job.

No more. 

After her Luxe Bespoke Styling work with me, she knows exactly who she is and how to express that through the clothes she wears, every day, at all times. The confidence she found spilled into all areas of her life, including job interviews. 

And, voila!

In a short time she landed her dream job. 

Congratulations, Skylar.

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