Creating outfits in her unique personal style is effortless for Sarah.

Creating outfits in her unique personal style is effortless for Sarah.


After working with me. 

Sarah came to me after trying #allthethings to figure out her style on her own. 

She desired ease and effortlessness when it came to her style but it wasn’t coming together for her.

Sarah did what many of my clients do before hiring me – she reduced style to an activity that she “should” be able to figure out on her own.

But there was one big problem with this:

Sarah is not a stylist. 

And neither are you. 

“Style doesn’t come naturally to me; I love professional wear but am not sure if I ever look professional enough. I also have a lot of difficulty with figuring out what to wear when I’m not working – I don’t understand casual style at all.”

Sarah didn’t know how to dress professionally. 

OR casually. 

Before she hired me she tried:

  • Working on her style on her own, but she didn’t feel satisfied with the results. ‘
  • She tried shopping with friends and asking their opinions.
  • Waiting until her closet was in shambles and then trying to do an all out shopping sprint in an afternoon. 
  • She completed a Pinterest board but was unable to see the consistency. (As she said- she needed an interpreter for it). 
  • She tried creating a “uniform” approach. Trying to wear only neutrals. Which didn’t work for her or fit her personality. 


In a few sessions, I uncovered Sarah’s unique style, explained why her style wasn’t coming together for her, and created 30+ outfits for her casual and professional life. 

This is how effortless style happens – directing effort in the ways that yield desired results, investing in yourself instead of trying to do it on your own, and then having the confidence to wear the outfits that match who you are. 

“Loren, you are one of the best people I’ve ever worked with – I am so grateful that you were here to help me through a pregnancy/COVID transition into work and casual life. I was prepared for the process to be intimidating but you made me feel comfortable right away. You didn’t just style me, you taught me how to style myself… You gave me so much joy and confidence in styling.”

Congratulations, Sarah!

Watch how Sarah’s life has changed since our work together.

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