Create a Dress Code that’s Relatable

Yes, it’s possible to develop a dress code that is adopted and is relatable.

If you’ve been using Pinterest examples to convey your dress code, and you’re not seeing results you desire, you may need to go a step further for your dress code to be adopted.

Pinterest is a great place to start for inspiration ; however, it is typically not enough for adoption of the styles being presented.

This is because people get stuck – unsure of how to take the outfit images and translate the looks to themselves. Plus they see the perfectly styled outfits, the body types that they don’t relate to and they think it’s not for them. ⁠So they half-heartedly attempt to mimic what they’re seeing in these examples but don’t fully adopt the changes.

And you go back to the beginning, trying to create a dress code that will uphold the vision of your brand, presenting examples of the styles you want portrayed but without the adoption of the dress code.

It’s time to showcase YOUR people.

Yes, use Pinterest for inspiration and to create a high-level vision for the style you want at your brand. It’s a great tool for collaboration and to vet ideas and narrow down the creative direction.

But when it’s time to create the dress code, do that with your people.

When you integrate your teams into your dress code, it becomes relatable for everyone.

  • It will help the dress code concepts stick because other members of your team will see real people demonstrating the dress code. They will relate to different body types, age, sizes etc.
  • They will relate to the various clothing choices and options – seeing options instead of limitations.
  • They’ll also see that to create a Pinterest inspired outfit in real life, it doesn’t need to be copied exactly and people don’t need to look identical to those featured in the online images. They will see possibility.

Below are examples of how I did this for the non-uniform teams at a luxury resort client. These are examples of their team members who were volunteer models for a photoshoot and subsequent style guide and dress code prepared for this resort.

Real world examples are part of why the dress code presented for my recent resort client made an impact the day after I presented it in a workshop – the attendees were taught how to create looks for themselves honoring their style and they saw examples of real people demonstrating the dress code. Attendees were empowered to do this themselves. This is crucial. Just showing stylized images from Pinterest of people who look the same, the same body type etc. will not work.

Get theses results for your organization. Learn more about style workshops here.

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