Camille went from complacent to congruent with her personal style

Camille went from complacent to congruent with her personal style. Shedding her past to step into her future.


Camille was stuck in the past. 

She had clothes her mother had given her. Even though they were juvenile.

She held onto sentimental items from her travels. But she didn’t know how to wear them in her day to day life.

This included her wedding outfit from her marriage (even though she was no longer married).

She was stuck in the past and she clung to these items. 

She had multiple closets, a dresser and even suitcases full of clothes and her past. Not to mention 40+ pairs of shoes. 

She wasn’t wearing 50% of these items.

And she couldn’t let them go. 

She felt lazy and overwhelmed with all the stuff she had. She felt vague, complacent and wearing whatever was easiest. She didn’t know where to start to make changes.

“My style is not bad but it’s vague. I have a lot of clothes – some of which I bought, but most of which my mother gave/gifted me. I have never made the time and effort to define my style for and by myself.”

Camille came to me desiring to unveil her next version of herself. Though those weren’t the words she used. 

“I’m doing so much inner work at the moment that it doesn’t feel congruent to continue having a vague style. I want a style that matches where I’m at and vice versa. I’m starting a coaching business and I want to dust every area of my life off. I don’t really know who I am and what I want when it comes to style.”

We didn’t dust off her style, we unveiled it. 

During her first session with me, we discovered her Bespoke Signature Style – Fierce, stunning, elegant. 

Her clothes from the past were let go if they no longer served and supported who Camille was becoming or they were restyled in new ways to feel congruent for Camille’s next stage in life. 

After our time together, she realized how freeing it was to go against her past conditioning around her style. She realized style is about taste, wearing what she feels good in and following that. And not going against her intuition. 

Styling was a transformational experience for Camille- uncovering her essence. Answering the questions – Who am I really? Who do I want to be and who am I?

And styling was just the start of her massive changes this year. 

A few months after her work with me,  she quit her job, started a business and is in a new relationship. 

How’s that for a transformation? Congratulations Camille for making the bold leap into the next phase of your life! 

Watch Camille’s journey in her words.

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