How to Choose an Online Personal Stylist


Working with a personal stylist is exactly that – personal. So you want to be sure that your stylist is aligned with your style goals and what you want from the experience of working with a stylist. Do your research and you’ll find someone just right for you.

How do you choose an online personal stylist?

Ask friends if they have anyone they recommend, or they’ve even worked with. Ask someone whose style you admire. Perhaps he/she has worked with a stylist that they’re more than happy to recommend. You’d be surprised how many people have worked with stylists but don’t talk about it. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Read reviews. Do an internet search for online personal stylist, personal shopper, etc. See who comes up and if they have reviews. Review sites include google, Yelp, Facebook and Thumbtack. When you read reviews, pay attention to the language the reviewer is using – that can be a clue if the stylist is a good fit for you or not. See if the reviewer discusses how they felt before and after working with the stylist.

Talk to the stylist. Message the stylist your considering on his/her contact page, email or give them a call. Tell them why you’re interested in working with someone. They should have a conversation with you – again styling is very personal so the stylist should want to get to know you. It’s important that you’re both a good fit for one another. Ask about his/her process. Many stylists work remotely or virtually as well as in person. If the stylist you’d like to work with is not in the same area, don’t let that hold you back – ask him/her if they offer online or virtual services.

Lastly, do your own homework. Make sure you know why you want to work with a stylist – is it just to get a few clothes or do you want a deeper experience? I’ve been told my work is therapeutic and cathartic. The reason is because those clients were open to that experience. If they had just wanted 5 new outfits, we would not have been a good fit. Make sure you know what you want from the time with the stylist – a closet clean out, a shopping trip, a whole makeover? It will really help you find the right stylist for you.

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