Creating Your Personal Style

Stop outsourcing your personal style

When it comes to your personal style, you’ve been programmed to think that the answer is outside of you instead of within you.   From magazines, runway shows, influencers, brands and yes, even personal shoppers. You’ve outsourced your personal style.  And it’s not getting you the results you want. This is why you need a personal …

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Your Personal Style Uniform

When you discover your personal style, you can create outfits that are YOUR uniform. We all want simplicity and ease when creating outfits each day. And we often associate the concept of a uniform as just the thing to make our lives easier! However, there’s a BIG difference between wearing a uniform versus having a …

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Owning Your Personal Style

How do I handle scenarios where I feel like my style is making others uncomfortable? I received a great question from a client who wanted to know, basically, what she should do now that she’s discovered her  personal style. She feels polished now, even when she’s dressed casually. She’s identified her personal style and she …

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