Don’t Make These Mistakes on Your Next Business Photoshoot

Don't Make These Mistakes on Your Next Business Photoshoot

Business Photoshoots

There is plenty of guidance, including this blog, on what to wear for your business photoshoot and how to plan outfits. The piece of advice that seems to be missing is what not to wear. Unfortunately, I have seen these rules broken. So here is my list of what not to wear for your business photoshoot:

Business photoshoot what not to wear:

  1. Tank tops, sports bras or other fitness clothes (unless you are a fitness instructor*). I have seen professionals with headshots taken in tank tops. That is a big N-O. Consider the message you want to send with your photos. Business is business and showing up in person or in photos in too-casual clothes will confuse your prospective clients. *Even if you are in a fitness business, I still advise taking one headshot in regular (business) clothes. Also, I am not suggesting a business suit but do provide a balance between fitness clothes and an outfit that implies you are a professional in your field.
  1. Wrinkled, stained, and/or poor fitting clothes – So you selected the perfect color top and it’s wrinkled? Or you have the great pair of pants but they pull across your hips? All of these style mistakes will detract from your photos. Photo editing can only do so much, and you should not plan to rely on massive amounts of touch ups. You don’t want the attitude that the issue can just be removed by photo editing. Touchups are exactly that – touch ups. Select your outfits ahead of time, iron or steam them if necessary, and confirm they fit you appropriately. Check for stains or holes and make sure your clothes are ready to go.
  2. You don’t show up anything like your photos – This is a touchy subject but one I want you think about. If you get your photos done with professional hair, makeup and styling and then show up to a meeting or networking event without makeup, in casual clothes and without your hair styled, this creates a big disconnect. Don’t overdo it. If you never wear makeup, you should have it done for your headshots and photos, but be sure it is light and natural looking. If you have your makeup professionally done, then consider styling your hair yourself. Or consider having your hair styled but do your own makeup. The point is that you don’t want to be so unrecognizable in person that people don’t know they have seen you online. Trust me when I say that I have seen this. People who are pulled together and styled online and then they show up completely casual and frumpy in person. If you need help with this and want to be sure you show up so that your style reflects who you really are, a stylist can help.

How to plan outfits for your photoshoot.

Make it easier to plan  outfits for your photoshoot. Check out my guest blog on What to Wear for a Business Photoshoot and get your Photoshoot Outfit Planner.

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