Your Personal Style is the Key to Meeting New Year Goals

Use your personal style to achieve new year goals

Whether it’s January of the new year or you’re reading this months into the new year, the message is still relevant. Give yourself the ultimate gift of confidence, feel better about yourself, attract clients and clear out the old to make way for the new.

If YOU are ready to …

  • Improve productivity (esp if you work from home)
  • Resolving to attract more clients, and/or
  • Trying to reduce the clutter in your life

Your personal style plays a role in this. Let’s look at it with a new perspective.

Goal 1 – Improve productivity

Yes, your productivity, focus and more are affected by how you dress and what you wear. It’s more significant than you may think and in fact there is a psychological phenomenon called “Enclothed Cognition” which describes that there is cognitive effect based on the clothes you’re wearing.

A mental and emotional benefit to getting dressed each day is that you establish boundaries on your time. If you only accept calls/videos during work hours when you’re dressed to work, you won’t find yourself sneaking in those extra calls or meetings early in the morning or late in the day.

Read more about establishing boundaries and the importance of this when working from home.

Goal 2 – Attract more clients

“Dress right; it always pays. Remember: look important because it helps you to think important. Use clothing as a tool to lift your spirits, build confidence. Make no mistake about it. Your physical exterior affects your mental interior. How you look on the outside affects how you think and feel on the inside.” – David J. Schwartz in The Magic of Thinking Big

This message is as relevant today it was over 50 years ago when the book was first published. The point the author is making is that by dressing well and taking pride in your appearance, you feel important, confident, like you absolutely best at what you do. If  you dress without any effort, think that clothes don’t matter or you don’t think about your first impressions, you’ll also attract some not so great things. All of this ties into Goal 1 as well – dress for what you do and what you want and you start to embody and become that person.

Be mindful that dressing neatly doesn’t cost anything! If you have a wardrobe of clothes that have to work for you, then clean them, press them and make sure they look well kept. If you have a closet full of clothes that you don’t know how to make work for you, talk to a stylist about how you can get on the right track.

Goal 3 – Minimalist closet/reduce clothing clutter

Many of us have closets full of clothes and feel we have nothing to wear. And what happens each morning is “paralysis through analysis.” We have so many items, we don’t know what to do with them, so we do nothing and end up wearing the same items over and over again. When that happens you become bored and think you need to buy more. This is a cycle you can interrupt by discovering your style first and then determine if you have what you need in your closet. It’s also crucial to determine the goals you have for yourself and your style as this can help inform the direction you want to go. The key is to start with you and your goals first so you can look at your clothes in a new way to really see what’s possible. Read – how to restyle your clothes.

Ready to achieve your new year goals?

Start the new year with a gift to yourself. Let’s talk. We’ll have a zoom call to discuss your style goals, challenges you are having, and what is holding you back from achieving those goals. By the end of the time we will know how working with me will help you achieve your style goals for this year and beyond. Click here to contact me.

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