I am here to empower your people.


My name is Loren, and I provide styling services for organizations who know their people are their greatest asset.

When people feel good about what they’re wearing it removes self-doubt, anxiety and overwhelm. They know what they are wearing is “right” – right for them and right for the situation. When this happens, they fully express themselves, they’re more secure and they’re more confident in themselves.

Through my style workshops, professional styling services and dress code development, I educate, excite, and empower people around their personal style so they know how to dress for themselves within the framework of your professional setting.



So how can I help you?

People can be taught how to style themselves, they can learn the basics of flattering style, and feel empowered instead of intimidated when it comes to what they’re wearing. Styling is a subtle yet powerful advantage that people can use immediately.

Why do this?

First impressions are made in less than a tenth of second and what people wear is a critical component contributing to first impressions. At work – in person or virtual - it’s not just individual first impressions that are made, it’s your organization’s first impression as well.

Your people will show up for the day ready to get to work, they’ll uphold your organizational reputation, and they feel immediately more confident about themselves. Your teams will be empowered to style themselves to the fullest expression of your brand, their role, and for the individual wearing the garments.

When you invest in your people you signal that they’re valuable to you and your organization, they feel unified around a common cause, and part of your team which in turn creates loyalty and will help you retain and attract top talent.

Contact me to learn more about empowering your greatest asset – your people.

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Since 2016 I've styled over 100 personal clients and taught my signature styling process to hundreds of people through my workshops and presentations.

I've delivered presentations, conducted workshops, and developed dress codes for a number of organizations including Mark Taylor, Western Alliance Bank, Bank of Nevada, The Grand America Hotel & Resort, and the Arizona Biltmore to name a few.

I've also contributed my style expertise and guidance to Hotel Executive, Green Living Magazine, the City of Phoenix, Like a Boss Girl podcast plus other print and digital media outlets.

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How did I get here?

Because I had to teach myself about styling. Growing up and into my early 30's - I had no idea what I was doing when it came to style. I was all over the place, inconsistent with what I bought and wore. I had no direction for my style at all. My main directive was to buy clothes as cheap as possible - usually trying to get somewhat higher quality but always at a discount.

And then one day I decided enough. A series of events led me to realize that my style was woefully inadequate, was pretty boring and wasn't reflective of ME. I refer to this as my "beige, bland and boring" period.

So I changed, I changed where I shop, I changed by really becoming intentional about my style. I did this over a period of four years. Then I started to feel good - about myself, my choices, I became comfortable and confident in what I was wearing. I started to receive compliments from complete strangers, colleagues and clients.

When I started my business, I realized that I could take others on the same journey I had experienced. They could experience the same transformation I did and in turn feel confident, have a knowing that what they’re wearing is just right, and no longer question their choices so they can relax and enjoy life.


Styling Portfolio

Wardrobe styling for a magazine feature. 

This client wanted to look chic but understated, and have outfits that were stylish, easy, and modern. These looks were styled using the client’s existing clothes and accessories.


Wardrobe styling non-uniform teams – Luxury Resort, Phoenix, AZ 

Creative direction and styling guidance to develop the non-uniform team dress code for a luxury resort. Employees were styled to showcase the looks using the clothing they already had that aligned with the new dress code and style guidance.


City of Phoenix Sustainable Fashion Show - 2019

Creative direction and styling of models with clothing exclusively from secondhand sources. City employees were styled to showcase “green is the new black” as the theme of the show.


What Clients Are Saying ~

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate your presentation last month for Impact. You were very professional and got your message across to all."

- Joan Howard, President of Impact for Enterprising Women

"I would highly recommend Loren to groups wanting to provide a "Dress for Success" session for their employees. The group gave very positive feedback on Loren's presentation. She left us wanting more. Her tips are simple, practical and relatable to a wide variety of audiences. I loved it and my group loved the presentation."

- J. Martin, Western Alliance Bank

"Thanks for your partnership with the City of Phoenix Green Team and all your hard work in making sure our Sustainable Fashion Show is fun and entertaining and more importantly, educational and applicable to our program goals. Fun, fun, fun! The compliments are still rolling in."

- D. Ellis, Sustainability Specialist, City of Phoenix

"A special thanks to Loren who worked closely with our City of Phoenix Green Team to kick-off Phoenix Fashion Week with our Sustainable Fashion Show. Your efforts in educating our employees on the connection between the three pillars of sustainability and the impacts of our purchasing and care of clothing raised awareness. Thanks so much for your efforts and partnership with us!"

- Mark Hartman, City of Phoenix Chief Sustainability Officer

"You definitely met my expectations. The most valuable part of the presentation was when you discussed the importance of dressing the part even when working from home."

- Jill B., Climatec

"She had a great personality for the group - kept it light, but still seen as an authority. Not only did she bring important tips and link confidence to style - which is very important in business - but the team was much more engaged during her presentation than usual. Loren is a great speaker on top of being an incredible stylist."

- Gina G., Veeva Systems

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