You should feel great about the way you look


When you get dressed, how many different shirts do you try on before finding the one you want to wear?

What about pants?

Does your closet floor look like someone went through and ransacked it every time you get ready in the morning?

Do you keep buying new clothes, hoping that they're the key to what you're missing, only to keep them in the closet for years, with their tags still on?

You are not alone.

My style journey

  • As a kid

    I was an ugly duckling who was teased about the way I dressed.

  • As I grew up

    My style was directionless. I experimented, and tried a little bit of everything.

  • When I was living and working in Florida

    I had a meltdown in my 20s. One day everything in my closet was OK, and the next day it wasn't. I went shopping, bought a bunch of things on sale at a retail store. Some of them worked, some didn't, and the store wasn't one that was known for high-quality clothing, so none of it lasted.

  • When I moved from Florida to Colorado

    I felt pretty confident about my style choices.

  • When I moved from Colorado to Arizona

    I entered my "beige, bland, and boring" phase.

After moving to Arizona, I realized something had to change.

I felt completely out of place. I knew whatever I was wearing in Colorado wasn't working here in Phoenix.

I felt like I needed an entirely different wardrobe.

I'd learn later that it wasn't that I needed different clothes, I just needed to understand my style and honor it. But my style was so mismatched. So directionless. So beige. Which always led to me feeling like I didn't know how to dress for a new place.

That's when I discovered shopping secondhand. And I started getting compliments on my outfits.

Shopping secondhand started as affordable and guilt-free retail therapy, but eventually, it completely changed how I shop for clothes, and how I style myself. Over time, I formed an entirely new professional wardrobe out of secondhand clothing.

I found the brands I loved at price points that were accessible, and it became apparent that there was a huge amount of surplus clothes and accessories available. Finally, it occurred to me that I never needed to shop retail again.

Loren North, clothing stylist and personal shopper

"I love what you're wearing"

The goal of styling isn't to get compliments.

But compliments mean you're being seen.

And the best part is the compliments are about how you carry yourself, not the clothes.

The Science of Style

You should probably know...I'm a scientist.

I was trained as a geologist, and my academic education taught me how to reverse-engineer what works. I love to reinvent things in new ways. I can look at a set of problems, and as a scientist, I can quickly identify the tiny details that need to be fixed.

As a scientist, I am uniquely attuned to details, like the nuance and subtlety of fit and tailoring (these are often overlooked but they can make or break an outfit). My corporate background allows me to understand how you need to show up professionally.

My systematic and scientific approach can make things easier, because we start at the beginning. I help you develop a lasting, sustainable style, that enables you to make clear decisions when you shop.


How we discover your new style

People can be embarrassed to talk about style problems with their friends. We just assume we should be able to do this on our own. After all, it’s just getting dressed every day.

But when you can't do that yourself, it's heartbreaking.

When there’s a disconnect between how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside, it can be hard to know where ‘you’ went. Sometimes, all it takes is some outside perspective that can see your potential and possibility.

Don’t worry, I won’t empty your closet, and give you a list of this season’s new brands that you need to go buy retail. You already have plenty of clothes to work with.

I shop your closet first, and extract value from what you already own. Your existing wardrobe has pieces that are not just still relevant, they are versatile.

Then, I shop secondhand for new clothes. Consignment means getting high-quality brands that align with your style.

Once you establish and honor your personal style, then you will consistently feel confident in how you look.

Imagine the confidence you'll have once you can pull together an outfit from your closet and know it'll work.

No more settling with your style.

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