I bring your brand together with your team's style for maximum impact.

I’m Loren, Professional Personalized Brand Stylist. I bring your brand together with your team's style for maximum impact. This is done by teaching people how to improve their professional appearance through workshops & speaking.

I deliver workshops and presentations teaching the foundations of style and universal guidance for men and women to immediately and easily implement on their own.

Since 2016, I've styled over 100 personal clients, developed dress codes, and taught my styling strategy to hundreds of people through style workshops and presentations.

More about my story and how I got here.


Intentional Style

It’s time to start owning our clothes instead of consuming them.

Most of our current fashion and shopping habits are wasteful, and they sabotage our attempts at creating authentic style.

I teach an intentional approach to style, to help us become conscious, purposeful and deliberate in our actions which lead to more sustainable style habits that also improve our overall personal style.


Employee engagement is significant challenge facing the modern workforce.

By providing professional development and team building opportunities that support your people both on and off the job, you’re creating a culture of engagement, unity, and collaboration.

Your people are your greatest asset – how are you investing in them?

Learn more about dress for success presentations or style training workshops.


"Loren possesses knowledge and transferrable skills on dressing and appearance that few had ever had the opportunity to experience.  Her in-person workshops were just what we needed to make our “living brand” come to life.“

Abby Murtagh

General Manager, The Arizona Biltmore

“You definitely met my expectations. The most valuable part of the presentation was when you discussed the importance of dressing the part even when working from home."

Jill B.


“She had a great personality for the group. Kept it light, but still seen as an authority.

Not only did she bring important tips and link confidence to style - which is very important in business - but the team was much more engaged during her presentation than usual. Loren is a great speaker on top of being an incredible stylist.”

Gina G.

Veeva Systems

“I would highly recommend Loren to groups wanting to provide a “Dress for Success” session for their employees. The group gave very positive feedback on Loren's presentation. She left us wanting more. Her tips are simple, practical and relatable to a wide variety of audiences. I loved it and my group loved the presentation.”

J. Martin

Western Alliance Bank

“A special thanks to Loren who worked closely with our City of Phoenix Green Team to kick-off Phoenix Fashion Week with our Sustainable Fashion Show. Your efforts in educating our employees on the connection between the three pillars of sustainability and the impacts of our purchasing and care of clothing raised awareness. Thanks so much for your efforts and partnership with us!”

Mark Hartman

City of Phoenix Chief Sustainability Officer

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