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My signature personal styling & shopping services help people step into a new phase of their lives while honoring the planet.

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Take charge of your closet.

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The bad news: Wearing a style you don't love doesn't make you invisible. In fact, when you wear clothes that aren't aligned with who you are, you're sending a message you don't want to make.

One you don't have any control over. And you don't want that!

But there is good news!

You don't need to wait to take charge of your style.

Loren North working at the computer wearing a polka dot sweater

That's why I'm here.

I help my clients rediscover themselves after big life changes.

Are you looking for the latest trends? We are not a good match.


My personal confidence has soared...

"I'm an attorney who had reservations about consignment boutique shopping. I try to be open minded so I gave Loren a chance to make me a believer. Boy do I believe. On the very first day I wore one of the outfits Loren shopped for, a woman stopped in federal court to tell me she loved my shoes. Loren shopped a whole new wardrobe for me. I'm glad I purchased everything. love every single piece! Loren nailed my style! My personal power and confidence has soared. Thanks Loren. See you next season for more."

-Elizabeth T.


Clients come to me after going through a major life change.

Transitions are a part of life, and your style will change as you move through it.

Do any of the following sound like you?

  • You moved to a new state

  • You started a new job or just got a promotion

  • You're looking for a different job or you're heading back into the workforce after some time away

  • You're about to celebrate a milestone birthday, or you just did

  • You're ready to get back into dating after some time away

  • Your kids just went to college

  • Your body has experienced a significant change

  • You just retired

You've just gone through all these changes, and you're ready for the next phase of your life.

The only thing holding you back: how you look is not aligned with who you are right now.

When everything is changing all around you, you have one small sanctuary in your home: your closet.

If you don't want to hide anymore, and you are ready for transformation, let's change your life from the outside in. Together we can update your wardrobe and achieve a lasting, sustainable style for yourself.


I feel elegant and confident...

"Loren is outstanding. She will show you an authentic version of yourself that you may not have known existed or been able to find!

After working with Loren, I now have a mix-and-match arsenal of beautiful, HIGH-END clothes that feel luxurious and make me look elevated and confident. I used to feel dull and sad with the clothes I had and 'stuck in a rut'...like my body was "undressable" and I would never look or feel cool. Now I see the massive range of options and can quickly assess if a piece will contribute to my new style. I also have "non-negotiables" now that extend beyond to style to hair, makeup, and other polished details that help me show up as my best. I'm not settling with my style anymore!"

-Tara G.


I show you what's possible so you feel really good about yourself and your wardrobe.

What clients are saying:

"Loren was trying to make what I already have work for ME, rather than just trying to sell me something in style. She also gave me advice on where to buy items second hand."

-Gina G.

"I am more excited to get dressed in the morning and picking out outfits that go well together. I'm also more conscious of what I'm wearing and even what others are wearing (getting ideas, etc)"

Amanda H.

"I'm looking forward to opportunities for going out with coworkers and friends as I avoided that in the past. Loren just made me feel so comfortable, and that was the most important thing for me."

Erin G.

"I was kind of expecting "What Not to Wear." I really appreciated that Loren didn't throw away my whole wardrobe! She actually helped me to create quite a few "new" stylish looks with a lot of what I already had. Additionally, I basically got a whole new wardrobe very inexpensively!"

-Barbara E.

"It was more than I expected and a delightful surprise.  I have a much better idea of my style  and how I ended up with too many clothes."

-D. Griffin

The process

Step 1:

Design your signature style

We start with the best pieces you already own. You'll learn how to dress yourself the best for your lifestyle, age, and body type, and how to mix and match your clothes to create new stylish looks. I give you guidance and advice on your signature style, so you can create outfits that send the message you want. We also address mindset limitations about what you can and can't wear, so you can feel confident about what's possible.

Step 2:

Personal styling

After designing your signature style, we shop your closet for a new wardrobe. When we work together in your closet, I restyle your wardrobe by focusing on the style and message you want to send with your clothes. Using the clothing and accessories you already own, we'll extract the value from the clothes in your closet. (If you are outside of Phoenix, not to worry, I offer virtual styling.)

Step 3:

Personal shopping

If you hate shopping, I can do it for you. Personal shopping is offered to all clients. After helping you discover your Signature Style, I can find styles that complement your existing wardrobe. I shop for you and pick out a selection of clothes ahead of time, so when you arrive, there are options ready for you to try on. This saves you time and energy, and reduces frustration in the fitting room.

I'm Loren E. North, and I'm a catalyst for your transformation.


Personal styling is not just for celebrities - it is for anyone who is ready for a change in their life. Styling really helps people who want to break free of self-limiting beliefs about themselves, or about their wardrobes.

You might hate shopping, or feel overwhelmed about choosing something out of your closet.

What you want is to have a life, go on dates, and feel good about yourself - and a recent milestone event has made you realize you are not styled for this stage of your life.

If you are ready for transformation, I can help you discover the next version of yourself.

How can style tie us to our planet?

The fashion industry has a tremendous impact on our planet.

The clothes we wear, and more specifically, the clothes we buy and do not wear, have a significant negative impact on the environment that it's impossible to wrap our minds around the magnitude of the problem.

We need to stop consuming our clothes. It's time we start owning our clothes.

I care about the impact that our shopping choices have on the environment, and that is why I shop at consignment stores for my clients.

Secondhand does not mean second best. Secondhand stores offer a variety of high-quality, clean clothing that will work with anyone's style.

Shopping at consignment stores is not only a way to get great pieces at a great price, it also presents an opportunity to do good for the planet by making better shopping choices.

Reduce. Reuse. Restyle.

"I have gained self-confidence and an awareness of how an outfit can make you feel. It can change your entire mood."

-Bobbie K.

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