Iconic Styling for Hospitality Teams & Individuals

I’m Loren, global hospitality stylist. I create dress codes and style guidance for clients in hospitality.

Since 2016, I've styled over 100 hospitality, corporate and personal clients, developed dress codes, and taught my styling strategy to hundreds of people through my workshops and presentations.


Most of our current fashion and shopping habits are wasteful, and they sabotage our attempts at creating style.

Continually shopping to create style and throwing away clothes does not help you build a wardrobe and cultivate your personal style.

It’s time to start owning our clothes instead of consuming them.


Tara G.

Tara went from feeling "dull and sad" with the clothes she had and that her body was "undressable" to feeling "beautiful and feminine" with luxurious clothes that make her look "elevated and confident."

“I needed to take a step forward in my self-confidence and stop being so wishy-washy about who I am. Loren understands style, how our emotions and minds play games with us and our style choices, and she was willing to go incredibly precise with what I was looking to achieve. She can harmonize looking fantastic with feeling comfortable and totally unique.

After working with Loren, I now have a mix-and-match arsenal of beautiful, HIGH-END clothes that feel luxurious and make me look elevated and confident. I used to feel dull and sad with the clothes I had...like my body was "undressable.” Loren removed so much doubt, self-judgment, and confusion I had around my body and what I thought was possible for my style. I'm not settling with my style anymore!

I would recommend Loren's services for anyone looking to feel more confident in themselves, but especially for performers and achievers who make big changes in their lives and want their new growth to be reflected in their style. Any woman who wants to command authority while still looking beautiful and feminine, needs to book a session with Loren!”


Sarah K.

Sarah felt that style didn’t come naturally to her and wasn’t sure if she ever looked professional enough. Now she’s not afraid to dress herself well.

“You demonstrated a lot of compassion and respect for where I was and an eagerness to take me to the next level. You also helped me be strategic in my clothing purchases and plans for future purchases. I was also amazed by the side bonuses, such as showing me how to clean my clothes more effectively and less often.

Your process is incredible, each of the three sessions built well on each other and helped me trust you when we actually went shopping.

Loren, you are one of the best people I've ever worked with - I am so grateful that you were here to help me through a pregnancy/COVID transition into work and casual life. You gave me so much joy and confidence in styling. I miss meeting and learning from you each week; am excited to have a long working relationship with you as seasons and life circumstances change. Thank you for your joy and helping me not be afraid of dressing myself well."


Skylar G.

Skylar no longer has a love/hate relationship with clothes shopping because she knows how to feel confidently beautiful with her signature style.

"It’s so hard to talk about all that Loren has done for me without going into my whole life story regarding fashion, self-esteem, and my love/hate relationship with clothes shopping. The closest I can get to a short version is this: there is a very clear distinction in my mind of “Before Loren” and “After Loren.” She showed me all the ways I can express myself with clothes and helped me find pieces that say what I’ve been wanting to for a long time.

The confidence I’ve gained from feeling beautiful in my clothes every day has made a world of difference in my daily life. I think about things Loren taught me literally every day and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work with her. Style isn’t “just clothes.” It’s about self-expression, commanding how others perceive you, and living your best life.

If you’re someone who values being in control of your appearance, Loren has a wealth of knowledge and advice that will benefit you for years to come! She is knowledgeable, attentive, and truly excellent at what she does.”

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