Intentional Styling for organizations who know their people are their greatest asset.

First impressions are made in a tenth of a second and what people wear is a critical component contributing to first impressions. At work – in person or virtual, it’s not just individual first impressions that are made, it’s your organization’s first impression as well.

When people feel good about what they’re wearing it removes self-doubt, anxiety and they no longer second-guess themselves. They know what they are wearing is “right” – right for them and right for a given situation. When this happens, they fully express themselves, they’re more secure and they’re more confident in themselves because of how they’re dressed.

When people look their best, they will perform their best.

What I give your teams …

  • Hope that better style is possible for them
  • Permission to be themselves and dress authentically (while honoring a professional setting)
  • Knowledge – they learn things about style they never knew before that they can immediately use
  • Tools – the tips and guidance to use everyday when getting dressed
  • Empowerment because they have the hope, permission, knowledge and tools to successfully style themselves

When you invest in your people you signal that they’re valuable to you and your organization which in turn creates loyalty and will help you retain and attract top talent.

Your people are your greatest asset – how are you investing in them?

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There are several ways of making this happen

Strategy of Style Workshops -Educate, excite, and empower your teams about their personal style.

People can be taught how to style themselves, they can learn the basics of flattering style, and feel empowered instead of intimidated when it comes to what they’re wearing. Styling is a subtle yet powerful advantage that people can use immediately.

In my style workshops, I demystify styling and teach my signature styling process so everyone can create their personal style– regardless of age, gender and style preferences.

Why do this? Your people will show up for the day ready to get to work, they’ll uphold your organizational reputation, and they feel immediately more confident about themselves.

Learn more and contact me to discuss your goals

Style your brand – Stop leaving style to chance and get intentional with what your people wear and how they show up.

Your people are an extension of your brand. We collaboratively establish the vision for your teams’ style that aligns with your brand, mission, and values. I interpret that inspiration into a tangible style direction and dress code. This includes translating your brand guidelines to a style summary, clarity around what dress code styles are best for your organization, and a description of those dress code elements. This is the blueprint for your organization’s style.

Custom Dress Code Development – Non-Uniform/Admin teams and Uniform Team Styling

I combine the three potent elements needed for your teams to stand out – your brand, your people and the clothes they wear. By including your brand, I give context to the style guidance and provide the “why” behind the dress code. By including your people, it makes the guidance real and tangible and this is all tied together with the clothes they wear.

We collaboratively establish the creative vision for your teams’ style bringing your brand guidelines, values, and vision together. We consider location, history, and other elements that make your organization unique. I translate that vision into a tangible style direction for your organization. This is summarized in a organization-specific, custom dress code, includes examples with your people showcasing styles, and your people are given the strategy and process to successfully style themselves.

For teams that wear uniforms, uniforms are selected so they honor your brand, are an extension of the overall ethos of your organization and align with the given roles of each uniform team area. Form and function come together to create distinctive styling for each uniform team area and can include custom elements. The uniform style direction is summarized in a dress code with guidance on fit, accessories and footwear.

Learn more, contact me below.

There are many benefits from intentional styling –

  • Employee retention improves, attrition declines, and your teams are enthusiastic about their work.
  • An updated and modern styling program will help your organization be seen as an ideal workplace which will help attract and add talented individuals to your team(s).
  • Your team’s style is part of the brand perception and another way for your organization to distinguish itself and differentiate from others.
  • Professional styling services provides a fresh view and outside perspective for your teams.
  • And most importantly, your teams become confident in themselves because they’re secure in what they’re wearing and have the knowledge to dress themselves well.
Loren North, personal styling

How it works -

My process is comprehensive and designed to ensure the lasting success of the style program at your property. Each solution is completely customizable based on your unique needs.

I develop a comprehensive styling program that includes three elements – your brand story, your people and the clothes they wear.

Without all three of these three elements - you have a brand + people who have no idea how to translate that into practical outcomes and outfits, you have people + clothes but no relationship to your brand or even honoring it OR you have a brand + clothes – but no adoption by your people because they were never included in the process or development of the style/uniforms.

You must have all three so that the style reflects the brand, your people are part of the process so that the uniform or dress code is adopted.

Styling services include full project management support and ownership of the style program for your property for the duration of our agreement. While you will be involved in decision making, you will not be burdened with actively managing this project. I’m bringing my background as a former project manager plus my work as a personal stylist together to create a comprehensive solution for you.

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